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The challenge now, as is often the way in retail, is one of scale.

Make no mistake: there are plenty of examples of considered, and new, thinking on display within this store. The challenge now, as is often the way in retail, is one of scale – nurturing the seeds of good ideas into solutions that can be adopted, and make a visible difference, to supermarkets of every size, in every city, every day. Adopting many of the initiatives seen within this pop-up concept would require plenty of additional consideration, and possibly significant adaptation, for them to ‘make it’ in the world of major supermarket environments.

Nudge at The People’s Supermarket certainly shines a light on the need for change, and offers some interesting suggestions on what could be done. In recent months, however, the issue of obesity has been overtaken by the focus on how supermarkets can reduce plastic consumption and improve overall sustainability within stores. But like the key to healthier eating itself; grocery retailers will surely need to achieve greater balance in all areas that affect consumers moving forward – altering supermarkets and taking ownership by educating and empowering people to make healthier choices, being one of them. Here, Tesco and Waitrose should be applauded. Both have openly acknowledged that they could do more to promote healthy eating. Tesco has partnered with Jamie Oliver to encourage healthy swaps, while Waitrose set out plans in 2018 to introduce healthy eating specialists to the shop floor.

Returning to Nudge at The People’s Supermarket, the key takeout from this pop-up concept is that success lies in retailers’ ability to empower consumers to make these changes themselves through creating an environment that promotes a healthier diet. Rather than removing choice, or playing on negative associations, Nudge is all about making it easier for shoppers to choose healthier alternatives and put less emphasis on promotions of foods likely to cause weight gain. It should certainly provide supermarkets with plenty of food for thought, and if they were to approach this in the same public spirited and commercially focused way, could be a vital step in the right direction to seize the initiative within the wider grocery industry.

Click here to see further images of the Nudge @ The People’s Supermarket pop-up concept.

By Karl McKeever

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