Visual Thinking @Home Spring Fair 2021

Our Lead Retail Specialist Kirsty Kean was recently invited to speak at the virtual Spring Fair @Home event where she shared her insight on how elevated in-store delivery will be a key difference-maker as stores begin to re-open.

The event took place virtually, running from 8th – 10th February, and featured over 25 hours of exclusive live content sessions.

Bring the party to town through expert in-store delivery

Trending now: The opportunities that exist to emerge stronger than ever. How retailers are reshaping their businesses in real-time.

Getting ready: How to use this time to evaluate, assess and address what can be done in-store. What’s good and what can (and should) be better.

Loving local: Tapping into the increased demand for supporting local retailers in the community by demonstrating provenance and confidence through in-store presentation.

Creating space: The importance of adapting the retail environment inline with social distancing restrictions and striking a balance between welcoming and intimidating.

Storytelling in-store: Using effective groupings to aid navigation and interest; and help customers to better understand the offer.

Details matter: Why the basics have never mattered more. How to avoid sterile in-store environments by injecting energy and personality into visual merchandising through core VM principles, applied well.

Kirsty shared lessons from UK and global in-store delivery in beauty, home and lifestyle and revealed what independent retailers can learn from best practice and innovation to create powerful VM delivery, engaging customer experiences and achieve greater sales.

To watch Kirsty’s session again on-demand, please visit the Spring Fair @Home website.

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