Simpler visual operations boost Wilko stores


The launch of our “House Proud” program saw a fundamental change in how store teams worked—in just four weeks.

With growing operational demands in-store, and often fewer resources to complete essential daily tasks, Wilko asked us to find ways for store teams to be more targeted and efficient in how, and where, they allocate precious time.

Helping them to think, understand, and apply operational policy more efficiently, than ever before.


Key Numbers

  • 750

    Senior retail colleagues trained

  • 413

    Stores engaged in 'House Proud' program


We set about making everything more streamlined.

Pain points of retail and visual operations were identified. Complex processes were reduced to simple operation best practice—easy for everyone to understand and implement, regardless of level.

Our work covered all aspects of the retail environment – from the use of space and promotional POS, right through to till standards, back of store areas and even the appearance of store teams.


The program delivered immediate and tangible benefits. Giving Wilko essential ‘first fix’ foundations, our work kicked-started sustained improvements in efficiency, that can still be seen today.

Daily visual operational tasks are now easily identified and understood. So too is communication around what needs to be done each day, leaving Wilko store teams better prepared and equipped to do their best work—every day.



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