Digital VM tools for Speedo boost productivity


Sportswear brand Speedo wanted to better educate its retail teams on how to create an engaging, consistent, and profitable retail environment.

We knew that by using the latest technology, we could drive significant changes in how stores implemented planned retail and VM policy.

Our goal was to create a digital tool that would give store teams everything they needed to make better decisions.

Key Numbers

  • 32%

    Increase in VM efficiency

  • 170

    Countries around the world


We conducted a full review of all existing policies and procedures—the first key step in helping strip away complexity and reduce ambiguity.

Next we set about developing an interactive digital tool to help bring new policy content to life. Developed in just 12 weeks, it translated into local market languages to ensure consistency implementation in any store, anywhere.

We also created a series of practical VM retail set-ups within Speedo stores to help define what best practice looked like for the brand.


Thanks to our work, Speedo reduced the time it took to deliver a step-change in in-store presentation.

Equipped with an intuitive digital tool and clear VM guidelines, teams could stay better connected to current policy and execute VM, faster and more accurately.

More effective communication, higher productivity and improved global consistency; with VM best practice clearly understood by all.


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