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Change is powerful but scary without the right people to guide you.
It needs a sharp, laser-focused team of trusted specialists (25 years’ experience helps). With years of strategic and operational experience, you have nothing to lose except what’s holding you back.

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Visual Thinking is built around VM and focused on results. We don’t just meet expectations: we shift them entirely. And we never shy away from what needs to be said… or done. Corporate clones often don’t like us telling it like it is. But honestly, where does more of the same get you?


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Leadership Team

  • Karl McKeever

    Managing Director


    Karl’s experience and knowledge can be intimidating – he’s one of the ever-diminishing number of true VM experts. But his trusted advice puts clients instantly at ease. He started his career with Next in the 80s before founding Visual Thinking in 1993. Since then, there are few retail brands that he’s not influenced, helping clients make sense of where they are and where to go next. Karl’s worked across the UK, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia. He’s also a regular media commentator and prolific speaker on all things retail and VM.

Kirsty Kean

Lead Retail Specialist


Kirsty earned her stripes in fashion, general merchandise and travel retail. For almost 20 years. You’ll find her at the heart of our major in-store change programs, connecting the dots between strategy and implementation. And it’s taken her all over the world (Russia, Australia, Kuwait, and more).

Suzanne Tanner

Senior Retail Specialist


Suzanne paid her dues with two of the UK retail’s stalwarts. When things go well, it’s because you’ve got Suzanne running your project. She’s a visual person at heart but with a passion for process and an eye for the small details.

Helen Bonser

Senior Retail Specialist


Helen’s worked in retail for over 18 years, for the likes of H&M;, Marks & Spencer…the list goes on. She’s an insanely-hard-working VM specialist and our go-to-person when it comes to creating VM policy from scratch or making existing ones work harder.

Lisa Lawson

Senior Retail Specialist


There aren’t many who can bring energy to a project like Lisa can. Before joining Visual Thinking in 2013, she was at one of the UK’s biggest GM retailers during the most transformational period in its history. Her operations background means detail, clarity, and efficiency are what she lives for.

Marc Baker

Marketing Manager


Marc’s in charge of managing the way we connect with our clients and partners. From sharing our latest insight, thinking and projects with the world to driving our agency’s marketing strategy and making sure that all things marketing run smoothly.

Tina Emerson

Learning & Development


Tina’s answer to why she spent so many years doing what she does is that your greatest asset really are your people. Day to day, she spends her time transforming behaviour. Her work has taken her across private, public and charitable sectors. But Tina’s heart belongs forever in retail.

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