Explorer – Santiago

Before the global pandemic put pay to non-essential international travel, we visited Chile to explore the exciting names and places that are revolutionising retail in a way that only the country’s unique pioneering spirit and talented retail people can.

Like a fine wine, Santiago retailing is getting better with age—a country embodied in a booming independent retail scene, thriving eCommerce sales and a passionate commitment to innovation. Its remote location means that Chilean retailers are quick to look outward. With exciting concepts, new ideas and embracing new thinking to help them prosper, they are open and creative.

We showcase domestic retailers driving high performance and success by pioneering new ideas, great VM, market leading in-store service and outstanding store operations. From Born, that’s ripping up the rulebook for children’s stores, to stylish luggage brand Zucca, and the eye-catching Palettas that serves up a deliciously tempting retail experience.

We also feature exclusive interviews with senior retail leaders of South America’s biggest department store, Falabella. Read about how this powerhouse of national retail is combining the best of the store experience and innovative e-commerce operations to drive significant commercial growth, ambitious sustainability projects, social programs that are deepening their roots with the community, helping Chilean people to learn, work and thrive.

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