Reset Retail 2021

Our manifesto to reset retail
What we believe in and why you should too.

We’ve spent our time fretting about the New Normal.

But who wants normal? Certainly not shoppers.

Retail stands at a crossroads. Urgent action is needed.

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we have to move with speed and at scale to rethink physical retail. We are about to see a radical change in 2021 (and beyond). And everyone has an opinion.

But whilst there are many industry ‘experts’ saying retail should think differently, few are trusted by retailers (for +25years) to deliver changes that work.

The launch of Visual Thinking’s 2021 Change Philosophy manifesto sets out what retail leaders must do to reset retail and the priorities we support to help retailers make stores exciting, relevant and productive. Inspiring shoppers to come back—for more, for good.

Meaningful change will require absolute conviction. If you’re committed to ditching the bland and are wondering ‘and?’ what’s next, read our free 2021 Change Philosophy download, and prepare to reset… for better.


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