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Ordinary. We don’t buy it


We love real shops. But there are too many bad ones out there.

Here’s the thing… if you don’t care about your stores, why should shoppers? Good retailers ‘get’ it. The rest suffer a predictable fate.


Shoppers buy with their eyes

Stores that look and feel great, are well organised and visually impactful — compel to be shopped. The result is worth every penny of your investment and your customers’ precious time and cash.

This is no time for inaction. It’s time to look the challenges in the eye, demand better and create stores your brand and customer deserves.

Make stores relevant again. Get retail teams focused. Tempt shoppers back in-store. Increase sales, rebuild performance — reboot retail.

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Key Benefits

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Identify in-store priorities

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Redefine VM policy

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Build essential skills

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Boost in-store productivity

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Drive retail sales


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VM Consultancy


The path to better retail execution can be baffling, ego-bruising and brand damaging.

We change this, with a new sense of perspective and by providing clarity on how to reset retail policy, push VM boundaries and drive sales. Bespoke solutions for you. Right for your brand.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Strategy

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Policy Consultation

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Retail Standards Programs

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Visual Retail Auditing



Focus on in-store priorities

Clearly define the VM strategy and policies that teams will need to do their job well. Eliminating confusion and missteps, once and for all.


Think and work differently

Balance operational needs against resources. Identify and scale resource requirements. Bring people together to take action.



“Your digital tool changed our mindset and standards of VM execution, for the better. Streets ahead.”

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In-Store Presentation


There’s VM that entices. VM that helps. And VM that sells. Great VM, store standards and service grow sales. Just as surely as poor visual presentation drive customers away from your stores. We help transform policies, retail tools and resources. And we do it brilliantly, creating VM solutions that withstand and thrive.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Innovation

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Update Look and Feel

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Websites/Apps

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Revitalise Store Comms


Centralise VM policy guidelines

Simplify, streamline and coordinate information to reduce duplication, overlap and confusion in communications.


Empower your store teams

Keep stores in the loop and priorities in focus. Give retail teams everything they need to drive effective retail and VM implementation.


“You supported us, went with us, and made us better along the way. We couldn’t have realised our plans without you.”

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Team Development


Left alone, store teams can get VM completely, horribly wrong. We’re all about helping people do their jobs better. Fire them up. Challenge them to raise their game. Make it clear what you’re asking of them, and why it matters. Shift priorities. Make policy stick. Remove uncertainty. Replace bad habits with good ones. And enable store teams to take proactive, positive action. Help them to succeed.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Creative Thinking/Development

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Practical VM Skills Workshops

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Online VM Training

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Train the Trainer Coaching



Up-skill teams, at speed

Getting store teams up-to-speed shouldn’t slow you down. Develop essential retail know-how in a way that reflects new ways of working. Delivered in-store or online to suit your needs.


Keep teams in sync

Allow teams to tap into the digital learning. Sharpen basic skills, dive into specifics and improve their ability to apply new thinking.



“You have transformed how we manage visual operations, consistently across all areas of the retail space.”

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Visual Operations


Do in-store initiatives keep slipping? Take back control of visual operations. Be 100% on it. We guide stores and teams to success with focused support. The real, relevant and undeniable kind. And we don’t let go until we’re done. Shed light on the priorities. Super-charge productivity. Improve visibility. Optimise sales. Clarity and certainty: that’s what you need right now.

How we can help

Visual Thinking, key benefits  VM Benchmarking/Audits

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Retail Standard Programs

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Online Visual Operation Tools

Visual Thinking, key benefits  Remote VM Management

Simplify visual operations

Complex or unnecessary in-store processes waste hours each day. Zero in on priorities, so teams can spot and solve issues quickly.


See everything – measure anything

Track VM programs across your stores. Enjoy greater visibility of in-store compliance to make better decisions and share updates, faster.


“The business has made a step-change in its approach to VM thanks to you. The results are clear to see.”

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